I translate between English and Chinese, with a special interest in Chinese literature. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of projects, both personal and professional. 

I’ve also decided to house my Chinese writings here as well.



The Fog Month's Cowpen by Chi Zijian (excerpts)/ 《雾月牛栏》 迟子建 著 (选段


Becoming Foreign (Original)/ 《外人》(原创)

The Magic of Dialogic Reading/ 《对话式阅读的魔力》
Chinese Writings 中文作品

《我与地坛》 其一

以下有几篇我为《悦己》(Self Magazine)写的媒体评论。《悦己》网页版现在已下架,杂志转成微信公众号,所以稿件都是我自己留下的。

Below are a few media commentary pieces I wrote for Self Magazine. Since the webpage version of the magazine has been abolished in favor of a WeChat account, these are my own copies of the articles published there.




第68届艾美奖提名名单点评 (无图)